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Grace Church

We hope this website will serve as a primary source of information about our small, but very active, congregation located in the Travis Heights area of South Austin. Please peruse our site. You will find that along with worship and service to the Lord, we maintain a very active schedule for both our congregation and the surrounding community. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with our church through this site, come and visit! Meet our minister, Linda Kessie, and experience all that Grace has to offer for yourself! We look forward to seeing you soon!

God Bless! The Congregation of Grace United Methodist Church Faith · Hope · Love

Hard Water Giving You a Hard Time?

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Hard water is usually the enemy of many households and it is more common than generally known. First we need to understand what hard water is and how it creates nuisance for us. Hard water is basically water containing certain metal ions like magnesium and calcium as bicarbonates, sulphates and chlorides. The presence of the metal ions can lead up to a variety of problems. One of the most common and annoying problem is the build up of limescale, which can really harm the plumbing, giving out a foul smell from the pipes due to clogging. Even after the pipes have been fixed, the problem can occur again due to the presence of the mentioned metallic ions. Apart from this, hard water also forms a residual type material in tubs and buckets, when the ions in the water form a bond with the soap molecules. This is also known as soap scum.


Hard water is known to take a toll on skin and hair too. Majority of people having hard water in their household, have complaint of having dry skin and damaged hair. The incapability of hard water to rinse off shampoo and soap properly leads to damaged hair and skin.

The cure for the hard water is not so difficult after all. There are lot of water softening techniques that are used to get rid of the metallic ions in the water. The most conventional method is the fitting of the ion exchange devices in the taps of the house. The jest of the device working is that it exchanges the hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium is result of the sodium ions, which in turn makes the water soft. So, obviously buying a water softener is a tough decision. When one decides to buy a water softener, they read about various softeners and judging by the reviews, one selects the best water softener. This website is a helpful resource for anyone who is looking to buy a softening system for his home.

Now, comes the fleck water softener systems into play. When it comes to water softener, Fleck is the most trusted and renowned company, which provides trouble free services for years. Fleck brand, which is owned by Pentair water treatment, has nothing but accolades to its name. They have a range of different models with different configurations suiting to the needs of every household, no matter how different they are. This feature makes Fleck water softener systems very pocket friendly. Fleck water softener are made to consume less power annually, which makes them eco friendly too, along with being pocket friendly. The bonus points of use fleck systems just keep adding up, as every unit of fleck systems are made with a power push button which makes programming the unit a whole lot easier. Fleck systems do not at all follow the buy and forget policy. They offer an excellent and prompt customer service in case there is any problem with the unit. One of highlights of buying Fleck systems is that they are easily available online. Anyone can order and install it, making Fleck a pioneer in the water softener business.

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